Le Mans is home to a number of acoustic activities recognised for their high level of expertise. Research structures, educational institutions and specialised companies form an ecosystem around sound and its applications.

The acoustics laboratory of the University of Le Mans, the LAUM, a joint CNRS research unit (LAUM – UMR CNRS 6613), is at the origin of this centre of excellence. A leading research unit recognised worldwide, the LAUM is the core around which other structures have been built.

Bridges have been built between research, teaching and the economic world. Specialised companies have found in Le Mans a favourable ground for their activities and their development. Acoustics is also used in music and the arts.

This group of players and the level of expertise of each one constitutes a source of attractiveness and influence for the region. Sound has become an element of the identity of Le Mans, which occupies a central place in this field.