At the crossroads of scientists and researchers, the general public and artists, music and innovation, experts and insiders, the second edition of the biennial sound festival confirms its ambition and its audacity and creates a completely hybrid cultural event. It builds on the success of the first edition, in an expanded version, to make the city resonate. Two personalities, the journalist and scientific lecturer Marie-Odile Monchicourt and the electro music prodigy Thylacine, were present at Le Mans Sonore between the 22nd and 30th of January in 2022.

Performances, concerts, sound installations, exhibitions, symposiums and conferences offer a unique experience of sound throughout the city.The sound biennial is an inclusive event, both accessible to the general public and attractive to a connoisseur audience. Thanks to new tools for accessing culture, it is also open to the visually and hearing impaired. A large part of the programme is also free of charge.