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What are the biennial sound contests?

Organized by Le Mans Sonore, these are Europe’s biggest sound competitions, rewarding projects and research in two distinct fields every two years: sound design and acoustics. Since their creation in 2019 and now in 2 editions, the competitions represent 37 candidate projects analyzed, 13 of which have been winners!

The objectives of the two competitions

The Sound Design Awards
The Trophées du Design Sonore (Sound Design Awards) are an international competition for the best sound creations of the year. The purpose of the awards is to promote applied sound design, i.e. design that uses sound to enhance usage.
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The Acoustics Awards
The Acoustics Awards recognize the most outstanding student work of the year, as well as promising early-career scientific research, on an international scale. The competition showcases acoustics research by rewarding the originality and impact of fundamental or applied work. It aims to encourage and honor advances in both academic fields and practical applications.
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As of 2019, the competitions in figures are

2 editions

37 projects

13 laureats

Categories and expected projects

Sound Design Awards

  • Objects and services: All creations involving sound – whether digital or acoustic – as well as sound interfaces, voice assistants and security.
  • Life and society: This covers all sound concepts dedicated to public spaces, health and well-being, inclusion, accessibility and culture.

New for 2024: One new class!

  • Radio France : Each year, Radio France will order a creation. For 2024, the request for sound creation concerns a Radio France audio “Multi-channel Olympic Games.” For more information, check the regulations

Acoustics Awards

  • Young researchers (thesis): For all research projects conducted over the last 3 to 5 years involving acoustic or mechanical waves. Research may be fundamental or applied.
  • Students: Concerns all student projects less than 2 years old involving acoustics. The project may involve an innovative object, equipment, method or software.

Competitions in 4 stages

Competition Prizes

Competition rules

Detailed projects, application criteria, selection procedures and processes, jury and awards, general terms and conditions – find all the information you need in the competition rules.