2022 Edition

The 2022 edition

For this new edition of the Sound Biennial, two competitions have been organised to reward the best French and international projects of the year, in two distinct fields.

– The sound design awards, which focus on the enhancement of use through sound.

– The Acoustics Awards, which focus on research and innovation.

The objectives of these competitions are, for the first, to promote sound design applied to different uses and, for the second, to promote acoustics as a scientific research discipline.

The prize-giving ceremony took place on 27 January 2022, at 5pm, at the Carré Plantagenêt, as part of Le Mans Sonore. Discover here the winners.

The sound design awards

This competition is about objects and uses. It will reward creations that enhance use through sound, in four categories.

Objects Category
This concerns any design involving sound, digital or acoustic, such as, for example, in transport, household appliances, robotics, communicating objects or packaging.

Award: A trophy specially designed for the edition.

Services Category
This category covers sound interfaces (sonification, 3D sound universe, augmented reality, etc.), voice assistants and expressiveness tools (voice interaction, voice synthesis systems, etc.), security and privacy.

Award: Trophy specially designed for the edition.

Life and Society Category
This category focuses on sound concepts applied to public spaces and buildings, health and well-being, disability, inclusion and accessibility, or culture.

Award : Trophy specially designed for the edition.

Student Award
This is for diploma projects or study projects.

Reward : A specially designed trophy and a 500 € prize.
Sound Design Trophies rules here

Composition of the jury

  • Ludovic Germain | ESAD-TALM Le Mans
  • Daniel Hug | Haute école d’art de Zurich- Zurich University of the Arts
  • Andrea Cera | Italian electroacoustic composer and sound designer

The Acoustics Awards

This competition will reward the best research projects and promising early career research. It aims to promote research in acoustics and to highlight the originality and potential impact of fundamental or application-specific research. The Acoustics Awards will have three categories.

The Business Category 
For achievements such as an innovative object, material, method or software.

Award : Trophy specially designed for the edition.

The BPGO Grand Ouest Young Researcher Award
For research work involving acoustic / mechanical waves.

Reward : Trophy specially designed for the edition and an endowment of 1000 €.

The BPGO Grand Ouest Foundation Student Prize
For diploma projects or study projects.

Reward: A specially designed trophy and a €500 prize.

Acoustics Trophies rules here.

Composition of the jury

  • Vincent Tournat | Le mans Université
  • Catherine Lavandier | President of the French Acoustics Society
  • Olivier Robin | University of Sherbrooke, Canada.

The 2022 winners

The trophies for sound design and acoustics – Pays de la Loire Region were awarded on 27 January, at the Carré Plantagenêt, during the biennial sound festival. The winners, chosen by a jury of sound professionals, received a trophy designed for the occasion by the designer Florence Doléac.

Winners of the Acoustics Trophies

Student Prize of the BPGO Grand Ouest Foundation: Elliot Chaubron-Couturier and Joris Perrot, for their project of an omni-directional loudspeaker with one speaker.

Young researchers prize of the BPGO Grand Ouest Foundation: Gautier Gillot, for his research on the sound of a drop and the perspective of possible applications.

Business Prize: No applications were accepted by the jury

Winners of the Sound Design Awards

Student Prize: Ex-aequo: Victor Audouze for three participative sound creations on remarkable architectures around the Burgundy canal; Matisse Vrignaud for “Ici et maintenant

Category Life and society: Nadine Schütz, for “Boite à tubes #1 et #2

Category Services: Philippe Royer for his project “TACTILAPTIC

Category Objects: Kenza Drancourt for her project “Air sound”.

Édition 2019

Lors de la première édition de Le Mans Sonore, le concours international de design sonore – Région Pays de la Loire était orienté objets et usages. Il a récompensé cinq projets valorisant l’usage du son dans le quotidien.

Les lauréats 2019

Catégorie vie et société : Zoé Aegerter, pour ʺLa géante endormieʺ, une narration interactive qui intègre les gestes du public. Voir.

Catégorie objets: Le collectif Ménure pour ʺLe carillon typographiqueʺ, un outil de signalétique visuel, sonore et cinétique. Voir.

Catégorie services: L’agence Sound to Sight, pour une création sonore spatialisée et un dispositif de diffusion sonore 3D associé. Voir.

Catégorie recherche: Maurin Donneaud, pour des capteurs intégrés à des tissus qui permettent des installations artistiques audio-textiles. Voir.

Catégorie projet d’études: Pierre Navarron, pour un projet de rééducation augmentée par le son. Voir.

Jury 2019

  • Dr. Daniel HUG | Zurich University of the Arts | Hear Me Interact!
  • Andrea CERA |
  • Pascal TAILLARD | Orange
  • Ludovic GERMAIN | ESAD-TALM Le Mans | LAPS