Le Mans Sonore is going to make some noise! January 20-28, 2024

Le Mans Sonore biennial comes back from January the 20th to the 28th 2024 for a third edition with the main theme « transmissions ».

Its ambition stays the same: make the city resound.
This hybrid event, at the crossroads between science and culture, will once more offer a diverse program mixing concerts, sound installations, performances, urban circuits, wanderings, symposiums, conferences and competition.

Resolutely inclusive, this sound festival is designed for everyone:  the public (young and adult), amateurs and professionals. A great part of the schedule is free to access.

The first artist names unveiled. This year, we will have the pleasure to welcome: Jeff Mills, Christina Kubisch, Stephen O’Malley, Ruben Dhers, Transmission, Peter Vogel, Thierry Balasse, Fabrizio Rat w/ Isabel Sörling et Linda Olah, Tatiana Paris, Julie Rousse, and more !

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