The "Sound Design in Schools" project

The “Sound Design in Schools” project has been launched. It is supported by Le Mans Sonore, at the Touchard-Washington High School with students of 1er  STI2D.

This programme, led by Pierrick Pedron (director of the BleuBruit agency) and Cyrille Blanchard (teacher at the Lycée Touchard-Washington), aims to propose alternatives to traditional school bells by making full use of the capacity of the school’s sound systems.

The students are currently carrying out a diagnosis of the school’s sound environment in order to identify the improvements to be made, the constraints to be respected and to question the students and staff of the school in order to collect their needs.

The next step for the class will be to define the new ringtones to be designed, and to make recordings that will be integrated into the ringtones.

We look forward to seeing the results of this project in 2023!

A big thank you to the teams of the Lycée Touchard-Washington, Le Mans Ville et Métropole, and the students for their involvement in this project.

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