A unique sound dome

A brand new experience. Le Mans Sonore has imagined the world’s very first structure dedicated to immersive sound. An opportunity to push back the boundaries of creation and listening.

A 360° revolution! The promise of a return to the very heart of sound. “For centuries, as composers but also as audiences, we have basically had a frontal relationship with sound, the same as we have with a painting. Today, the sound dome should enable us to reconnect with the natural relationship we have with sound on a daily basis, i.e. at 360°”, explains Jean-Michel Jarre. “This presupposes designing music for this kind of space,” notes the artist, who will be the first to perform in the Le Mans Sonore dome on January 20th.

The heart of the event

“In fact, this is how I thought up and conceived my album Oxymore,” noted the electronic music pioneer recently. The promise of 3D sound immersion thanks to the geodesic sphere format chosen for the dome. Inside, a system of three speaker rings and a mixing desk will immerse spectators in sound of unprecedented quality. A mobile stage and lighting kit will further enhance the immersive nature of the various performances. The structure can accommodate up to 600 standing spectators for a series of original concerts.

The dome will be the beating heart of the event for 10 days. A place for information, discoveries, meetings and innovations. The white tarpaulin cover will be used for mapping purposes. The dome will also be used to export the Le Mans Sonore label around the world.

3D experiences in the dome

The sound dome will host several “immersive” concerts. Following Jean-Michel Jarre’s opening, Touraine trio Meule will take possession of the site on Tuesday, January 23th at 9pm, for an invitation to a collective animal dance. The Franco-Italian duo Camion Bazar, accustomed to flirting with the frontiers of rock, house, techno and punk, is expected on Friday January 26th at 11pm for a psychedelic concert.

Finally, French artist Molécule, whose immersive soundscapes and sound experiments are based on organic and synthetic sounds and field recordings, is scheduled for Saturday January 27.

Concerts cost €9. The dome pass for all 3 events is €20.

Radio France sound cinema

Radio France is taking over the site with immersive sound recordings of its productions.

Audiences will be able to listen to Léonore Mercier’s work as they dive into Baptême, a hypnotic sensory adventure that lets you experience multiple sensations as you fall between the sky and the sea, during the lunch break at 12:15 and 13:15, from January 22nd to 26th.

Several evenings are devoted to captivating stories:

  • January 22nd at 8:30pm: La Japonaise, a ghost film by Alain Robbe-Grillet.
  • Fureurs, January 24th at 8:30pm, a series by Mehdi Bayad and directed by Baptiste Guiton, plunges you into the story of a forest warden who witnesses strange events.
  • Construire un feu, January 25th at 8:30 p.m., after Jack London, with the voices of Richard Bohringer and Sarah Lefèvre.
  • On January 28th, two interactive adventures by Franck Bessière are scheduled for the afternoon: Les Hauts Plateaux de Xanadu, on the theme of homos sapiens, and Fossile Sonore, a documentary-fiction with the exceptional participation of paleontologist Yves Coppens and the voice of Anne Mouglalis.

The directors of these productions will be on hand to chat with the public.

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